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By Kara Mac Donald and Hanan Khaled

The book is divided into three sections, Part I: The Game, Part II: The Players and the Playing Field and Part III: The Playbook, with four to five chapters in each part. From the get-go, the tone is so accessible and friendly as if the authors were chatting with you in a lecture hall, across a table in a faculty meeting or in the campus or school cafeteria. This is one essential component of the whole text.


by Kara Mac Donald and Jose Franco

Statistics for Linguists: An Introduction Using R (2020) by Bono Winter takes a unique approach towards introducing statistics of linear models for linguistics, in that it builds model-based thinking instead of test-based thinking. Winters explains that he takes this approach to basic linear modeling as it provides the researcher a foundation of theoretical understanding of the statistical model they choose to use.  He also describes why he structured the book around R, opposed to utilizing SPSS. The text do not concentrate on mathematics, but aims to provide the researcher with practical and relevant information using extremely accessible language. 

Tips for Teaching Online with Margi Wald

Please note: This was written to a very specific audience based on the questions the participants  asked during a coaching session and the discussion that ensued. I wrote it (a) because I said I’d send links and (b) I think summarizing whole group discussions is a good pedagogical practice. 

CATESOL to Postpone Upcoming Conferences Due to COVID-19

As you know, we are facing a pandemic with COVID-19. In line with the actions of TESOL and other organizations to postpone or cancel large gatherings to reduce risk of virus transmission, the CATESOL Board voted today to postpone all Chapter and Regional face-to-face events until the fall of 2020. We feel that the safety of our membership far outweighs the risk of a face-to-face gathering. We are still planning on having our Annual Conference in October of 2020, provided this crisis is contained by then.

Since many classes are moving to an on-line format, at least temporarily, CATESOL wants to help teachers who don’t feel ready. We are planning two online events in April and May, starting with workshops on how to teach with Zoom and other online platforms. We will get back to you with details on this very soon. We will be updating our website to reflect the physical event postponement and the upcoming online teaching support as soon as possible. 

We thank you for your consideration as we do what we can to continue professional development for teachers in non-face-to-face formats. Stay healthy, everyone. The board will be meeting on March 23rd to decide on how to handle the finances of this postponement.

Book Review: Wordless Books: So Much to Say (2015)

By Kara Mac Donald featuring Erin O'Reilly

The book is divided into two sections, Stories with Easy Pictures to Follow and Stories with More Complicated Pictures to Follow. Each section is grouped on proficiency levels, with guidance on which skill/s development is targeted. In each section are lesson plan descriptions, assessment guidance and rubrics, additional resources and which TESOL PreK-12 English Language Proficiency Standards and Common Core State Standards ELA Suggested Connections are met.

Social Justice in Language Teaching (2016) Book Review

By Kara McDonald and Kristen Arps
Social Justice in Language Teaching, edited by Christopher Hastings and Laura Jacob consists of 22 chapters, divided into 7 sections that address specific topics around social justice in ELT. Part I: Social Justice and English Language Teaching: Setting the Stage, Part II: Peacebuilding and English Language Teaching, Part III: Positioning for Advocacy, Part IV: Language Rights, Privilege, and Race, Part V: Gender and Sexual Orientation Justice, Part VI: Working Across Borders/Advocating for Students. Part VII: Classroom Practices.



What do Members of CATESOL TOP-IG Want from their Interest Group?

By Marsha Chan and Jaydene Elvin
In Spring 2019, 2018-19 TOP Co-coordinators Marsha Chan and Ellen Lange, along with Assistant Coordinator Jaydene Elvin, polled the Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group. An online Google survey was announced via (the now-defunct) TOP-IG Google Groups, and TOP members were encouraged to participate. The survey was designed to gather information regarding how members would like to engage in TOP-IG platforms.


CATESOL Los Padres Chapter Event - February 8, 2020

The CATESOL Los Padres Chapter invites you to join them this weekend at UC Santa Barbara for their annual spring conference.

By Kara Mac Donald and Sun Young Park
Navigating the Intercultural Classroom (2019) effectively links theoretical  perspectives with practical classroom best practices in each chapter, so teachers have the conceptual background for the sample activities to be able to effectively implement them in their classrooms or adapt as needed to their students’ needs. At the end of the book, five appendices further address the theoretical perspectives to support teachers’ practical classroom implementation.

Get involved, meet new friends, and contribute to making this conference a memorable event.
“Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.”
~Elizabeth Andrew (1882–1960) was the first woman organizer Labor Party in Wales.
Why Volunteer?


Plans for CATESOL’s 50th Annual Conference, “Honoring the Past and Inspiring the Future,” are underway! The Annual Conference will take place from October 3 to 6 at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center. Please take a look at the CATESOL Annual Conference website for...

TESOL is currently recruiting application reviewers for the Ron Chang Lee Award. Sign up today! 

About the Award: Sponsored by Ron Chang Lee, this award was created in 2018 to honor three TESOL members who have achieved excellence through the implementation of technology...

by Kara Mac Donald and Federico Pomarici

Stillwell begin Chapter 1 by describing the wealth of experience teachers often have as many began careers in other fields or have taken courses in other disciplines as part of their teaching degrees. He preps the reader for the coming chapters, written by a variety of...

“I actually made friends in this class,” Leeza Stavinkov said wistfully, waving her slender arms in the air for emphasis. “Like in my other classes we just kinda sit there but in this class we actually like talked to each other.”

I smiled at her. You know that famous l...

CATESOL's history! Check out a fabulous piece by past CATESOL President, Kathleen Flynn on the history of CATESOL.

One of the great features of CATESOL’s Annual Conference is the opportunity to connect with colleagues from across the state and plant the seeds for future projects to bloom. Such was the case this past December in Anaheim in a meeting between the CATESOL President-Ele...

The Teaching of Pronunciation Interest Group (TOP-IG or TOP) is for teachers, tutors, and future teachers of all levels of experience teaching or researching pronunciation instruction, who teach or wish to teach students at any level to speak and understand oral Englis...

At this year's conference, I learned and appreciated many wonderful new ideas, teaching strategies, practical classroom activities, and cool tech tools. I am also grateful that CATESOL provided me the chance to promote my topic on gamification and game-based learning t...

I am a graduate student in TESOL program of Pepperdine University and I had the opportunity to attend the CATESOL 2018 Annual Conference. I am glad that I went because I learned a lot about language-teaching methods, designing activities that foster community in the cl...

Educators across California, and the United States (U.S.), often serve students that are recent arrivals as well immigrant students that have been long term residents in the U.S. and therefore, see the impact of these students’ immigration experiences and personal jour...

In October of 2017, AB 705 (Irwin) was chaptered into California state law and became effective on January 1, 2018. The historic law made changes to many things, but chiefly, it altered how colleges place students into English, mathematics, and academic English as a Se...

I came to America as an English language learner. When I was still a student in an ESL intensive program, I volunteered at a CATESOL conference. That was my first time at a CATESOL event and my very first memory of attending a professional conference.

I vividly rem...

As a person who loves English and strives for being an outstanding ESL instructor, I cherish this opportunity to attending this year's CATESOL conference--Oceans of Opportunity--and learning from other professionals in the TESOL arena.

I studied English as a second lang...

CATESOL Position Statement in Response to proposed legislation AB 705 (Irwin)  
May 2017
The background: 2017 proposed California legislation AB 705 (Irwin) requires community college districts or colleges “to maximize the probability that [a] student will enter and co...

Are you looking for ways to make a difference professionally? Then become involved in the CATESOL Board of Directors! It is never too soon to consider joining the CATESOL Board of Directors, and it's easier than you think!

Authors:  Bette Empol and Judith O’Loughlin were CATESOL Representatives at the 2015 TESOL Advocacy and Policy Summit, June 20-21,  2015.
We were asked to write a blog about our experiences.  Part of this blog was featured on the TESOL website. 
John Segota Asso...

 In this week’s Federal Flash, we cover U.S. Senator Patty Murray’s harsh words for the U.S. Department of Education on the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), an update on congressional plans to rewrite the Higher Education Act, and the latest on President Trump’s nomin...

There is a new Migrant Policy Institute commentary (see link below) which examines the characteristics of DREAMers and the similarly aged U.S. millennial population.  The MPI report finds no evidence to support concerns about job competition between millennials and DRE...

Safe Schools for Immigrant Students – AB 699

The California Assembly has passed Assembly Bill 699 on October 5, 2017
The full wording of the bill can be found here:
Key aspects of the bill...

To read the article, click here

You might know me as your President-Elect. You might know me as the "tech guru". But you probably don't know the influence that CATESOL has had on my life. My first CATESOL conference was in 1978 in San Francisco. At that time I was a grad student at San Francisco Stat...

 Have you ever gone to a teaching conference and come home with inspiring ideas about revolutionizing your classroom? Have you actually done it? Most of us love great ideas, but find we don’t have the time or energy to reinvent how we teach once we come off our conferen...

On March 29, 2018, Gwendolyn T. Schwabe, known to all as Tippy, passed away peacefully at the age of 91 in Haverford, Pennsylvania, where she had been living in retirement. The TESOL profession in California has much to thank her for, in her roles as a Senior Lecturer...

This is the President's Quarterly Message

 The ESL industry is facing major disruptions, from shifts in international student mobility trends, to reductions in state budgets, to the rise of contract work. As educators in this ever-changing, competitive employment market, both novice and experienced CATESOL prof...

 Pivot Point is a four-part series on 21st Century Employment Resiliency for ESL teachers marketing their skills beyond the classroom.
Have you ever thought of Becoming a Language Program Administrator (LPA)? At some point during your career, you may have witnessed a col...

Pivot Point is a four-part series on 21st Century Employment Resiliency for ESL teachers marketing their skills beyond the classroom. This is the third post in the series on breaking into ESL publishing and commercial products and services marketing.

Did you study commu...

Pivot Point is a four-part series on 21st Century Employment Resiliency for ESL teachers marketing their skills beyond the classroom. This is the fourth post in the series on Exploring Overseas Teaching Opportunities. The ability to teach overseas may seem like a logist...

By Judith O’Loughlin, CATESOL Conference Services Advisor
Each year the CATESOL Annual Conference is generally scheduled for October or November before Thanksgiving.  Contracts with hotels and conference centers are planned up to three years in advance and dates are set...

The following interview was part of a daylong Steinbeck Chapter of CATESOL event on Advocacy.

As teachers, we are often moved by the stories of our students--especially our immigrant students. Many of us have participated in CATESOL because the organization’s mission ha...

Learn about the first annual Spelling Bee from our CATESOL Education Foundation President, Margaret Teske. Have you signed up to participate yet?

The Loebner Prize Contest is the oldest Turing Test, which is named after Alan Turing, a famous English computer scientist who worked as a codebreaker in World War 2.  This  annual competition chooses the most human computer of the year. This year Ron Lee's chatbot "Tu...

AB 310 (Medina) – Community College Part-Time Faculty Office Hours

AB 310 (Medina) – Community College Part-Time Faculty Office Hours
This bill requires each community college district to report the total part time


Danielle Pelletier, President, CATESOL, USA
CATESOL has been working on several legislative initiatives to advocate for English language learners and educators, three of which are Assembly Bills 705 and 2098, and DACA.