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Event: Center for Applied Linguistics Free Instructional Webinars

Michelle Skowbo
Center for Applied Linguistics Two-part free webinar series 8 fundamental principles of effective adult English language instruction

Unlock the power of effective adult language instruction!

Adult language education instructors, register now for TWO free webinars to elevate your teaching skills. Inspire your adult learners with techniques from CAL's 8 Fundamental Principles of Effective Adult Language Education.


[⭐] ️ Webinar 1: Principles 1–4
Nov 9, 2023 | 3:00–3:45 PM
Discover strategies for adult language instruction, including learner-centeredness, leveraging learners' assets, and incorporating all language modalities. Boost language proficiency with engaging classroom and virtual activities.

[⭐] ️ Webinar 2: Principles 5–8
Nov 16, 2023 | 3:00–3:45 PM
Enhance your teaching with insights on comprehensible input, developing metacognitive awareness in learners, and creating a supportive learning environment. Build an inclusive and engaging language learning experience with a toolkit of excellent techniques.