2022 State Conference Pasadena

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Health & Safety

Welcome! We are OPEN!

Over the past two years since the pandemic started, the events in our lives
have been mind-blowing, unprecedented, disrupting, and challenging.

We have been compelled to solve an array of unexpected issues in innovative ways,
all while under seemingly insurmountable pressure.

We have all had to pivot and somehow close shop in more ways than one. 

Yet, we are adaptable and resilient—the trademark of our profession.

And we are energized by the tremendous opportunities of the future. 

Even more, we are excited to announce that we are open!

Yes! The CATESOL Fall 2022 Conference in Pasadena is OPEN

Open for what?

Opportunity to grow

Perspective on teaching and learning

Empowerment to make an impact


We encourage everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to attend our first in-person conference since before the pandemic.

This is also a momentous opportunity for us to collectively think afresh about the next generation conference experience. 

Onsite check-in begins at 4:00 pm on Thursday, September 29th, and sessions continue through 12 noon on Sunday, October 2nd,

Come and join us at the Pasadena Convention Center as we continue to engage and build the CATESOL community of today and tomorrow. 

Pasadena scenes

Nine good reasons to attend CATESOL 2022 in Pasadena, California


Maintain currency in our field


Find out what's happening statewide


Get usable information for supporting students


Finish off any PD hours needed


Network and meet our colleagues


Share ideas


Peruse physical copies of new ESL publications


Support colleagues who are presenting



Contact the Conference Chairs

Questions, compliments, challenges? Contact the Conference Co-chairs.

More conference benefits

  • Since its establishment in 1969, CATESOL has been supporting educators, administrators, students, staff, and others concerned with the teaching of English as a second or foreign language, standard English as a second dialect, or bilingual education.

  • Attending a CATESOL conference is an unmatched opportunity to maintain currency in our field. You will get up-to-date information about statewide concerns, issues, and teaching methods.

  • With workshops provided by experts and professionals in this field, you will get usable and practical ideas for supporting students. Learn today and use tomorrow.

  • You will have the opportunity to complete multiple hours of professional development by attending plenaries, workshops, educational materials expositions, and networking sessions.

  • You can share what you learn with others.  When you return from the conference, you and your colleagues will be able to collaborate and exchange ideas based on what you discover at the conference. This benefits you, your department, and your students.

  • Support your colleagues and profession by attending workshops and submitting a proposal to present at the conference. This increases your visibility and credibility in the field. 

  • Connect with a CATESOL interest group at the conference. Joining an interest group meeting is a step in establishing a community of practice focused on your needs and interests. 

  • Support CATESOL through your participation and attendance.  This has been a few difficult years and organizations like CATESOL appreciate your support to keep providing valuable information and training to the field.