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Grammar Lessons

  • English Grammar A free site that offers lessons and exercises to practice all aspects of the English language
  • Using English Free English grammar and vocabulary worksheets and printable handouts
  • Handouts at Grammar Bytes Handouts and exercises for fragments, irregular verbs, parallel structure, and dangling modifiers

Pronunciation Rules

  • Pronunciation Rules Rules to explain how the pronunciation of a word is based on its spelling


  • Sentence Grammar Sentence structure, verb tenses, and punctuation
  • Sentences Learn about simple sentences, compound sentences, and complex sentences

Grammar Notes

Grammar FAQ

  • Ask Grammar Index of frequently-asked grammar questions
  • English Grammar FAQ Some of the postings made to the newsgroup alt.usage.english by John Lawler, Professor of Linguistics
  • Grammarist Provides explanation about English grammar rules, usage, and a broad spectrum of grammar topics
  • English Forum Post your questions here and will get answers soon

Common Mistakes

  • Common Mistakes A collection of some of the most frequently misspelled, commonly confused, and easily misused words
  • Common Errors in English Usage The site explains some of the most commonly misused and misunderstood aspects of English

American vs. British English

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