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[image:Kimberely Briesch Sumner, CATESOL President]

Hello and welcome to the CATESOL website! I am honored to serve this organization as President for the 2014-2015 term.

From the Kindergarten teacher who works with ELs in the mainstream classroom to the teacher who works with migrant workers to the teacher trainer who helps to fashion the next generation of teachers and all things in between, the passion that ESL teachers demonstrate for our craft day-in and day-out is a constant source of inspiration. Itís not only the teachers that inspire us though; itís the will of those we teach. Those who dutifully attend class and work tirelessly to improve their lives even with the life challenges they face every dayóthey truly inspire us too.

As we look toward the coming year, there are many challenges and opportunities on the horizon for our field. It is my sincere hope that CATESOL continues to be the place where inspiration takes place. As we pause to think about the current CATESOL year, letís think about CATESOL as an organization where we can build community and grow together as professionals, where we can share our experiences with each other, and where we can aspire to be great for ourselves and our students.

Kimberley Briesch Sumner

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