CATESOL represents six levels. Each level has a representative on the Board of Directors. These levels are:



CATESOL has 12 chapters to serve the specific needs of ESL professionals who live and work outside of Los Angeles County and outside of the counties in the far northern area of California and offer local conferences for the benefit of members in their areas. Local chapters provide you a more intimate connection to CATESOL, and more say in what's offered in your area. It's the chapter members, ­ not the organization, who decide what chapters do, whether offering free workshops, raising money to help their members attend the annual conference, hosting publisher exhibits for local members, or planning terrific social events to network with colleagues.

A chapter is as strong and as active as its members choose to make it. A map of the counties in each CATESOL Chapter is available in PDF format. If there's no chapter in your area, contact Chapter Council Chair Magdalena Kwiatkowski at mailto:%20mmkwiat.catesol@gmail.com about establishing one!

Some CATESOL chapters maintain an electronic discussion list. Refer to the "Conferences" page for contact information.


Interest Groups

CATESOL interest groups represent the various professional academic concerns of the CATESOL membership that are not specifically covered by the general academic levels or go across levels. Contact Interest Group Chair Stephanie Youngblood at syoungblood@volunteer.ucla.edu for general information about interest groups. For individual groups, contact the moderator of the appropriate Google Group listed below.